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For over 60 years now, Polaris® Powersports has been taking the industry by storm with endless groundbreaking innovations. The brand is also known for the constant reimagination of existing models, including its legendary line of ATVs. When you’re seeking unmatched power, superior performance, and long-lasting durability, you’ll have met your match with Polaris® quads. Other Polaris® accomplishments include the launch of the snowmobile industry and developing the very first purpose-built military vehicle.

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Polaris® history began back in 1945 when they used scrap metal to create the industry’s first successful snowmobile. Over the years, the company has continued to progress exponentially. Most notably, Polaris® expanded its reach into various other powersport vehicle markets. In fact, the Trail Boss is often referred to as the very first American-made ATV. The Polaris® quad family only continued to grow from there.

As we mentioned, Polaris® is known for its dedication to improving its existing products, which began with enhancing suspension and performance. Eventually, the company moved away from the less functional sing-axle setup and debuted a smoother, more exciting ATV experience. Many of these revolutionary features are standard today, including automatic transmission, rear suspension, four-wheel drive, large bore four-stroke engines, and much more. The market responded positively, with Polaris® selling its millionth Sportsman® ATV in 2008.

The Models

Once you start shopping for the perfect four wheeler, you’ll find that Polaris® ATVs come in a variety of models. Whether you’re seeking a robust workhorse to use at the job site or a sporty recreational quad for tearing up the trails, there’s plenty more where that come from. If you need to get down to business, many of the utility models offer impressive towing and hauling capacities. If you’re more interested in fun on the weekends, the Mud & Sport models offer incredible maneuverability, agility, and power, so you can conquer any trail with ease. For more lightweight options, check out the Sport/Utility models. If you’re planning on some seriously vigorous work activities, go with one of the Rec/Utility models.

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